Bakker Taxidermy is a full time, full service studio.  We have a rule that we never say no.  Our services include:

  • All taxidermy - birds, life-size big game, etc.
  • Rugs - fully finished and flat rugs, tanning of any skin (cowhides, buffalo etc.)
  • European mounts - with or without panels
  • Fish - skin mounts and replicas 
    We've even done skunks!

European mounts are done using dermestid beetles and a thorough degreasing and bleaching method.  The end product is excellent!!  We consider ourselves skull specialists.  The boiling method leaves skulls damaged and weak, this is not an issue using dermestid beetles!

Custom habitats:  Habitats have become a very important part of our business.  An animal displayed in a natural setting is much more pleasing to view.  Your imagination is the limit.  Artificial trees,rocks, cornfield scenes, snow scenes, water scenes, ect.  Wood work is also offered and can be a great way to display a piece.  An enclosed end table will add many years to a mount and protect you trophy from dust and pets.  We strive for realism in our habitats!
Repairing of old mounts:  Fish are the most common refurbishing projects we do.  The improvements often make surprised and happy customers.  Refurbishing can be done to any mount even birds.  This can add many more years of enjoyment of your trophy. 
Scoring of your trophy:  For no charge we can have your trophy scored if you request.
Skinning or caping big game:  For no charge we can cape your deer.  Just set up a time with us and well do the skinning on the back of your pickup.  Just tell me your hunting story!