Bakker Taxidermy strives to offer the highest quality work within a 7 month turnaround time. 

After growing up near the woods and having a love for hunting, taxidermy soon became something I wanted to try.  Seeing pheasants huddled up under a roadside bush on a snowy morning would make me want to preserve the beauty of the scene.   Around the age of 12, I started learning about taxidermy from books.  I found taxidermy to be frustrating and time consuming.  But the thought of the finished piece would drive me to keep going.  I would mount a few pieces a year usually pheasants.  The desire to accurately pose an animal was always the goal. 

In 2001 I took a course at the North West Iowa School of Taxidermy in Spirit Lake, Iowa and expanded on what I had learned on my own.  That same year we launched Bakker Taxidermy.  We'll have been in business 14 years this coming June!  The learning and striving to accurately pose and recreate an animal is still the daily goal.  The striving will never end!!(that's a fun thing) 

Taxidermy competitions are a very important part of my profession.  We’ve been competing since 2002 and this past spring we won Judges Choice Best of Show at the Iowa Taxidermy Competition in the Masters division.  We also took a third place at the World Taxidermy Competition in St Louis, Missouri. 

My wife Lori plays a important role in our business by keeping me and the books in line. We want you to know that your satisfaction is our main goal.  I follow your instructions and use a lot of reference photos to get the best finished piece for you.  Thanks for coming to Bakker Taxidermy!